Washing Machines

What is the service life of a washing machine?
Depending on the manufacturer a washing machine should last more than ten years, even machines that are much older are often affordable to repair.

Is my washing machine worth repairing?
A washing machine is one of the most important appliances in the home. Customers often say they can't live without it. When a washing machine becomes faulty the first thought is shall I just go out and get a new one, but often it can be a simple fault causing the machine to fail. At CAL Electrical we will always give you an honest diagnosis of the fault.

What are the benefits of a repair?
Generally, when a washing machine is installed it will normally stay there until the machine fails. Washing machines are big and heavy appliances and the last thing you want to worry about is having to uninstall the washer and fit a new one. Integrated washing machines are especially difficult to uninstall and are difficult to replace due to the different sizes of machine on the market.


Common faults with an oven.
ovens are an essential part to any kitchen and are used daily. But when an oven decides to become faulty this can cause major disruption to most homes. From not heating at all to becoming too hot. In most cases this is down to the heating element or thermostat and can be repaired without the need to purchase a new oven.

Why repair rather than replace?
Integrated ovens can be costly and difficult to replace due to manufacturers having different dimensions. Customers can sometimes be forced to buy the same manufacturer of oven because that may be the only one that will fit. Repairing the oven will take away the stress of shopping around to replace the appliance and often it's a simple repair to get the oven running like new.